International Phonetic Alphabet Chart

The symbols defined in the International Phonetic Alphabet are used extensively in Phonetics and Phonology, and it is therefore essential that the symbols be easily accessible and displayed. Before Unicode, this was difficult: linguists were forced to create custom ASCII fonts (such as SIL IPA93), use ASCII glyphs themselves (eg. SAMPA), or drop using text and use images of IPA symbols instead (see Graphical IPA Keypad). For a 1999 snapshot of these problems, see Matthew Brooks. With Unicode, which is now widely used and supported by browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, IPA symbols can be displayed efficiently and semantically.

To showcase the capabilities of Unicode, chart created by the International Phonetic Association has been replicated, which appears in most of the Phonetics and Phonology texts. The chart is written in fully compliant XHTML 1.1 and CSS2, and is released under the GPL.
Chart is located here

Additionally, IPA "keyboard" has been built off of the chart in order to facilitate copying the Unicode symbols and making transcriptions. It keeps track of recently used symbols and allows you to insert the symbols encoded in HTML entities. It works best in Firefox, but also works in Internet Explorer 6 (but not in version 5) and (to a lesser degree) Opera.

Drawing syntax trees is a very common activity for syntacticians. Trees quickly become tedious and laborious to draw, even for the most experienced. So I created an algorithm that maniuplates the SVG DOM in order to automatically arrange elements in a tree structure. An XSLT stylesheet can be used to convert XML files into these SVG images of trees.

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